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You're making your business work. Calling prospects, making appointments, and meeting potential clients keeps your business working. Your time is priceless.

You may take out ads, telephone respondents, and interview potential candidates. All this amounts to countless hours you spend away from what you do best; selling your services. And then there's the added responsibility of a payroll, employee taxes, and benefits administration. Worrying about human resources is something that you can do on your own, but why? Allow CCC to handle your expert staffing needs. We've already run the ads, we've screened the candidates, and we've pared our list to ensure our staff are the most talented, bright, and enthusiastic people in the marketplace.

You have nothing to lose. Our consultations are free, and there is absolutely no obligation to you.


Interested in Utilizing CCC's resources right now? Please don't hesitate to call. We have resources ready to fulfill your particular needs...

No need right now, but you might in the future? Call us so that we can have your information on hand when that need does arise.

...Of course you don't have to call... Thanks to the World Wide Web and the Internet, contacting us has never been easier. Put your name, number, and reference our website in an email. Send it to the link below. We'll call you within a day.

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